Eyes Twitching? This is Why

So it’s been a long day. You’re tired, hungry and perhaps the biggest giveaway of all – you’ve got an eye that’s starting to twitch. Aside from being super annoying (how can such a tiny movement cause such irritation?), your twitching eye is probably making you wonder exactly what’s wrong with you. Do you have a health problem? Is it normal for your eye to twitch like this? Should you talk to a doctor? Well, the good news is, eye twitching is a normal (albeit irritating) occurrence. Why it happens could vary; here are a few reasons for it:

You’re too Stressed Out

Is work getting the best of you? Got a deadline that’s stressing you out? What about family life? Are things super busy for the family? If you’re stressed, that could be one reason your eye seems to have a mind of its own lately. Want to relieve it? Try some tried-and-true relaxation techniques, like meditation. Or, if tend to de-stress physically, hit the gym. A little exercise goes a long way to get those endorphins flowing and relieve any tension you might be feeling. Once you’ve relaxed a bit, you’ll find your eye twitching naturally reduces, then stops!

You Need to Cut Back on the Caffeine

Are you a caf-fiend? If you have to have your cup of coffee in the morning – then another at 10 (you get the idea), you might be overdoing the caffeine in your diet. In fact, excessive consumption of caffeine can cause eye twitching on its own. And of course, it’s not just about coffee. If you’re regularly consuming energy drinks, caffeinated soda or caffeine or diet pills, it might be time to cut back. If your eye twitching stops when you cut back, you’ll know you were overdoing it.

Lower Your Alcohol Consumption

Eye twitching isn’t just caused by caffeine; too much alcohol can also be the culprit for those little eye movements. If that glass of wine at dinner has become more than that, it might be time to cut back.

You Need More Sleep

Sleep might be pretty elusive to those of us who find ourselves way too busy on a daily basis, but your eyes might be trying to tell you something – that you need to shut them more often! Fatigue is a big contributor to twitching eyelids, so if you’re not getting the rest you need, “rest” assured getting some sleep will help you a whole lot.

Lubricate Dry Eyes

Whether it’s due to a change of season or change of scenery, if your eyes are dry, they’re much more prone to twitching. Dry eyes can be caused by seasonal allergies, prescription medications or eye strain due to staring at the computer screen or other devices. Talk to your eye doctor if you have dry eyes; lubricating them properly will help ease the twitching.

Relieve Eye Strain

Speaking of that eye strain, if you’re spending long hours in front of a computer screen, chances are, it could be causing that annoying eye twitching. Staring at the computer screen causes eyes to tire faster than usual, so do yourself a favor and only use digital devices when necessary. If your work requires you to stare at the computer for long periods, be sure to take frequent breaks to minimize strain.

Come See Our Doctor!

While eye twitching is normal and usually not serious, if you have any concerns about having dry eyes, eye fatigue or think perhaps your prescription just isn’t right, come in and see us! We’re happy to help with any issues that could be causing your eyes to twitch. Your vision is our primary concern, so come see us as soon as possible!

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