The Link Between Headaches and Eye Health

It's late in the evening. You still have a lot to do before the day ends. After spending the whole morning in front of your computer, a troublesome migraine crops up. You have endured it a couple of times in the past, but it's so severe this time. Could the headache be linked to your eye health?

Several headaches are linked to the onset of eye problems. Straining, squinting, or swelling of the eye may cause excruciating pain in your head. 

Let's look at three common eye problems that cause headaches. 


The lens and cornea work in unison to focus visual input on the retina. When this focusing mechanism is interfered with, the muscles are forced to work hard, resulting in eyestrain. It is one of the major causes of headaches. Underlying eye problems that may lead to eyestrain include:

  • Astigmatism: It arises when the cornea assumes an asymmetrical shape, resulting in an unclear vision. You will have to squint to focus on whatever you're seeing. This causes headaches.

  • Hyperopia (Long-sightedness): With this condition, the image focus happens behind the eye and not on the retina. Objects nearby appear blurry, causing you to squint to see them. 

Other contributors of eyestrain are activities that make you focus your eyes for long periods. These include writing, driving, reading, and straining to see in a poorly lit room. Staring at a phone or computer screen for several hours may also lead to eyestrain.


Headaches as a result of glaucoma often occur on the forehead or around the eyes. Glaucoma occurs when there's increased pressure in your eyes. This is because of the accumulation of aqueous humor, a fluid that supplies nutrients to the eyes and maintains it in a pressurized state. Aqueous humor accumulates when there's a blockage in the drainage section behind the eye. The pressure buildup inflicts damage to the optic nerve and may cause severe headaches, watery eyes, vomiting, and blurred vision.


A cataract is a clouding on the eye lens that is mainly a result of old age, smoking, radiation therapy, or injury on the eye lens. Cataracts do not interfere with your vision or cause headaches in their earliest stages. However, they may cause eye problems when they become more severe. Your body will try to compensate for poor vision when cataracts build up. In some instances, it reacts in ways that lead to the onset of headaches. For example, you might squint to see correctly or raise your eyebrows to let in more light.

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