Millions Suffer From Winter Dry Eyes

Most times of the year are dry in the Mojave Desert, but wintertime is especially dry here and across that nation. Some 59 million people suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome in the United States, and the vast majority don’t realize it. For many, they think the simple eye discomfort they feel is from something in their eyes or possibly from being tired. In fact, many are suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, which is a lack of tear production, and can affect vision by making the eyes irritated and tired. If affects older adults more often than younger ones, but the proliferation of computer screens and computer games have many youth staring at screens for many hours per day, putting additional strain on their eyes and making them dry beyond what they naturally should be.

More Schools Use Computers, Increase Eye Strain

If you have children who attend school, many of them now use computers for much of their school days. Not in all cases, of course, but many classes and many public schools now emphasize using computers more in classrooms, making for even more hours per day your children might spend staring at a computer screen. Add in the potential for peering down at cellphone text messages or possibly using a tablet device before even getting home where their video games and home computers await. But the end of the day, your children could have spent many hours staring at a computer, and that is bad for their eyes if allowed to continue at home.

Giving Eyes Time to Rest is Important

Teaching your children the importance of resting their eyes on a regular basis will help them to prevent Dry Eye Syndrome while also helping you to remember to do the same for your own eyes. Living in the Mojave Desert and spending hours staring at computer screens and television screens every day promotes development of Dry Eye Syndrome, but resting your eyes for several minutes per hour can help a great deal.

What things make your eyes feel like they are dried out?

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