Allergy Eye

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Allergy eye

Do you suffer from red, itchy, watery eyes? Red eye can be caused by a host of things including viral and bacterial infections, but the most common cause of red eyes is allergic conjunctivitis. The highest density of allergy cells in the body is located in the eyes. Therefore, when a person encounters an allergen from the environment, like pollen, dust, etc, the eye sets off an allergic cascade of inflammation. This cascade of allergic inflammation contains histamine and other chemical mediators that cause swelling, red eye, glossy eye, itching, watering, and eyelid swelling. It many cases it will also cause blurry fluctuating vision. It is essential that allergic conjunctivitis is treated by a doctor because if it progresses it can lead to chronic allergies of the eyes, tissue damage, and in some cases loss of vision.

Our doctors at Advanced Vision Institute are all board certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease and can properly diagnosis your condition and prescribe a treatment regimen. Our office also offers in-house therapeutic treatment option for patients needing immediate relief so they can get back to work or their other activities.

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