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Attention Las Vegas Contacts wearers! The skilled doctors at Advanced Vision Institute can help give you the ongoing care you need – conveniently and affordable. For those eyeglass patients who have not yet tried contact lenses, let us help you determine whether contact lenses can give you the convenience and flexibility that you’re currently lacking with your eyeglass prescription.

Contact lenses, or usually referred to simply as “contacts,” are thin, flexible lenses that are worn directly on the surface of the eye. In patients that are good candidates for contact lenses, they help to correct or enhance vision.

Benefits of Contacts in Las Vegas

For patients currently using eyeglasses, getting contacts in Las Vegas can be a godsend. This is not only because the world will get to actually see your beautiful eyes, but also because contact lenses actually provide better vision enhancement because they do not restrict your peripheral vision and aren’t affected by the weather; that means no fogged-up lenses or blurry vision due to rain or condensation.

Your reasons for wanting contacts in Las Vegas may vary. Some women prefer contacts because they allow them to play up the eyes with makeup. Athletes love contacts because they enable them to see clearly when participating in activities where glasses are not conducive – like surfing, football, skiing or any number of other activities. Some patients prefer contact lenses simply because they’re comfortable, easy to use and easy to order.

Las Vegas Contacts Professional

When you visit Advanced Vision Institute, we’ll help you determine whether contact lenses are the best option for you. After taking your medical history and giving you an eye exam, we can determine whether you’re a candidate for contacts and what prescription is needed. Just about everyone can wear contacts – including patients with astigmatism. Get started today by giving our Las Vegas Contacts Professional a call!

Online Contact Lens Ordering

We partner with so that you can order contact lenses at your convenience and receive the best quality of care. When you use the service, you are ordering from the person you know you can trust with your vision – your doctor.

Ordering contacts are simple and convenient. Your eye care provider’s office registers your prescription and recommended contact lenses online in advance, helping to get your contacts ordered and to your door in just a few clicks. There’s no need to chase down your prescription and fax it to another source. Our distributor stocks 90 percent of all contact lenses, and most orders are shipped the next business day. If there is any delay, we will notify you at the email address with which you are registered.

If you already have an account, click on the link below and log in to access your prescription and place your order. If you don’t have an account, click on the link below, enter as a new customer, find your doctor and then provide your prescription information.

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There’s no easier way to order Contacts in Las Vegas!

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