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Suffering from Dry Eyes in Las Vegas? Do you experience eye symptoms of dryness, redness, fluctuating vision, watery eyes, or a sandy-gritty feeling? Well, if you experience any of these conditions you may be suffering from a condition known as Dry Eye Syndrome. If you have not heard of this condition, you are not alone. It is estimated that 89% of the population has not heard of Dry Eye Syndrome, but an estimated 59 million Americans suffer from it. The good news is you do not have to suffer from the irritation of Dry Eye Syndrome any longer. “There are several new and innovative options to cure dry eye syndrome,” says Dr. Brooker. “Dry eye is a complex condition that if not treated properly can get progressively worse and lead to tissue damage on the surface of the eye, which can be irreversible.”

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What are the Symptoms of Dry Eyes in Las Vegas

Dry eyes can have such a variety of symptoms. Many patients believe because their eye is continually watering they must not have dry eyes. This is incorrect. As strange as it may sound, many Dry Eye Syndrome sufferers experience “wet eyes”. This occurs due to the tear glands overproducing reflex tears. Reflex tears are the type of tears that our eyes produce when we are upset and crying. These types of tears are made up of the wrong components and are different from your natural tears that are needed to protect your eyes from the environment and from being dry. The tear film on the eye is made of three layers: the lipid layer, the aqueous layer, and the mucin layer. If any of these components are out of proportion you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

The goal of the doctors at Advanced Vision Institute is to cure your dry eye syndrome by restoring your tear film to its natural state.

Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can also impact your ability to wear contact lenses. In fact, this condition is the leading reason why people experience discomfort while wearing their lenses. Discomfort occurs because environmental evaporation dehydrates the contact lens, and therefore, it starts to pull tears away from the eye creating irritation and dryness. In order to wear contact lenses successfully, patients who suffer from dry eyes must first cure their dry eye condition.

“Dry eyes is a condition that gets worse with time, so the longer people wait to get intervention and treatment, the harder it becomes to reverse the effects of the condition,” states Dr. Brooker.

New Novel Treatment for Dry Eyes

At the Advanced Vision Institute we offer the MiboFlow Therapeutic treatment. In just a few treatments we have the ability to eliminate the stubborn condition known as dry eye and all the symptoms of chronic red, burning, stinging, eyes and fluctuating vision go with it. This treatment uses heat and ultrasound and expression to gently massage the eye in order to eliminate the blockages in the tear glands. The blockages can prevent patients from producing more of the components of their own natural tears. These components are essential to halt the evaporation of your tears into the atmosphere especially in dry arid desert climates like Las Vegas. Prior to your treatment our doctors will evaluate a high definition scan of your tear glands using a Lipiscan to assess for gland damage or loss. They will assess the components of your tears and how they affect the quality of your vison using a the HD Laser Scan. Once our doctors evaluating all of your testing they will provide you with a “Dry Eye Report Card” and design a custom therapeutic treatment plan specific to your dry eye condition.

Contact a Dry Eye Syndrome Professional

Don’t be one of the millions of Americans that think dry eyes is something they just have to suffer through. If you think you may have some of the above symptoms, please make an appointment today to have your eyes evaluated by one of our Dry Eye Syndrome Experts.

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