Rejuvenating Eye Treatments

From dry eyes to allergies and bacteria build-up, life – and your surroundings – can really affect how you see. Not to mention that these conditions often result in itchy, red and unattractive eyes that you won’t be wanting to show off any time soon. Our Summerlin eye treatments can help you live the life you dreamed of – without worrying about dry, itchy eyes that are as uncomfortable as they are unsightly.

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Eyelid Exfoliation

You might be accustomed to exfoliation as a beauty treatment, but that delicate skin on your eyelids is often neglected. Not only does this cause dry, flaky and unsightly skin, but it can also lead to a bacterial infection called blepharitis. Blepharitis is an inflammation that affects the eyelids and eyelashes and is commonly responsible for itching, stinging, redness and flakes in and around the eye area.

At Advanced Vision Institute, we provide BlephEx, an eyelid exfoliation treatment that gently removes the debris and bacteria caused by and causing blepharitis. This treatment is a fantastic alternative to continually purchasing expensive eye products and prescriptions, whilst living with the ongoing symptoms of blepharitis.

Allergic Eye Treatment

Allergies can really do a number on your eyes. While allergies are common, they can also make for unsightly, uncomfortable and downright miserable eyes. At Advanced Vision Institute, we don’t believe you should have to live with the symptoms of allergies. Come see us today to learn how we can help save your eyes from the wiles of allergy season.

Eye Tension Therapy

Eye tension also referred to as eye strain, can really wreak havoc on your health and productivity. If you have a job that requires constant computer use, you likely are accustomed to the tension headaches that come from staring at your screen all day. At Advanced Vision Institute, we can help reduce and mitigate the tension and pain associated with eye strain. Stop living with eye tension and come see us today.

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