5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Protected This Summer

From pool parties to desert hikes, summer is definitely everyone’s favorite time of year. But with the long days and endless sunshine summer brings, it also brings some health threats – to your eyes in particular.

From allergens in the air to construction and road work grit flying around to pool chemicals and that infamous sun’s UV rays, there are plenty of summertime “details” that your eyes don’t particularly enjoy.

Make sure your eyes aren’t getting the short end of the stick this season by keeping your eyes protected from summer’s most notorious villains.

Summer Eye Protection Tips

Don the Shades.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, it’s a given: you have a favorite pair of shades. But are you diligent about wearing them all the time (not just when you’re trying to look cool)?

If you’re going to be spending the day at the lake or an outdoor concert – or you’re just running to the store for a gallon of milk – it’s imperative you’re wearing sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection.

Without protection, those UV rays can accelerate the development of cataracts, cause various kinds of cancers that can affect your eyes and even cause you pain immediately after exposure.

And while you’re shading yourself, make sure the kids are looking cool too – they’re little eyes are just as important!

Work Carefully.

Summer is a great time to tackle that home improvement project you’ve been putting on the backburner for oh so long. If you’ll be working on home projects, make sure you’re using the proper eye protection for safety. From drilling to sawing through

From drilling to sawing through wood to mowing down weeds and even grass, make sure you don’t cause your eyes undo irritation at best and injury at worst by failing to protect your eyes. Make sure anyone around the project are also wearing protective eyewear.

Of course, if you ever get an irritant in your eye or an eye injury, call your eye doctor immediately.

Play Carefully.

Of course, summer’s not all about work. When you’re out playing sports or doing other physical activities, protective eyewear is crucial to making sure you’re keeping your eye health top of mind.

If you’re not sure what activity warrants protection, think about this: the larger the ball, the less likely it is to harm your eyes. For example, a baseball is much more likely to cause an eye injury than a basketball.

Additionally, activities like mountain biking also warrant safety goggles, as branches or other debris can easily end up in your eyes.

Keep it Clean.

There’s nothing like laying by the pool on a summer day, and getting in is even better! But pools are notorious for harboring chemicals that can harm your hair, skin and, yes, your eyes.


As a good rule of thumb, if you feel your eyes sting when you’re in the pool, it’s likely time to get out of it. A burning sensation indicates that the chemicals in the pool are off balance. Report it to whoever is maintaining the pool and if it’s your own pool, fix the problem before jumping in to cool off.

And if your eyes have been burning, rinse them in cool, fresh water after you get out.

Be Careful in the Outdoors.

Who doesn’t love a summertime camping trip? But those great outdoors can be less than great when you wind up in an altercation with poison ivy, poison oak or sumac. And nature’s most notorious plants can be even worse when they get into the eyes.

Toxic plants contain irritating oils that can easily spread to the eyes. If you run into something toxic, wash your hands thoroughly and launder all your clothing in order to avoid spreading the poison.

If you do feel irritation in your eyes, flush them immediately. If they continue to hurt, see an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Ready for (safe) fun in the sun? How are YOU spending your summer?

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