August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month!

Well, you might feel like you’re just in the swing of your summer fun, you’ve likely realized that the school year is right around the corner! As luck would have it, August is all about the little ones for one more reason: it’s Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! At Advanced Vision Institute, we’re dedicated to keeping eyes healthy – no matter their age!

That means that, as you bustle around town buying backpacks, folders, lunch boxes, and pencils, it’s important to give your kids’ eyes some consideration. Here’s why.

The Back-to-School Eye Exam

If you’ve ever struggled with your eyesight, you know how cumbersome – and sometimes even debilitating – it can be when you can’t see clearly. The same can be said for your children’s eyesight. Imagine trying to complete a math quiz or other assignment when you can’t make out the chalkboard – or if you feel a strain when you read! While your child might not know he or she doesn’t see correctly, there’s one way you can know for sure: get your child a back-to-school eye exam. Your child’s eye doctor will help identify any impairment and prescribe the right solution for your child’s needs and lifestyle.

Age is No Factor

Think your child is too young to have his or her vision checked? Chances are, he or she isn’t. That’s because eyesight plays a significant role in learning, even from a very young age. While annual eye exams are recommended for children from age one on, if you’ve got a little kindergartener who has never seen the eye doctor, now is the time! Even at such a young age, a visual impairment can significantly affect your child’s ability to learn (imagine trying to learn the alphabet when you can’t see it clearly!).

Poor Performance Could be an Indicator

While there’s no reason to wait for a “sign” to have your child’s eyesight checked, if you do notice any symptoms, it’s time to get your child into the eye doctor. Some schools might have vision screenings, but without advanced technology, it’s impossible to guarantee your child doesn’t have an issue. If your child has struggled academically and you’re not sure why now is the time to set him or her up for success in the coming school year.

The Role of Technology

Additionally, recently the American Optometric Association recently said that back-to-school eye exams were much more essential now than before due to the amount of time children spend in front of electronics. In fact, according to the American Optometric Association, more than 41 percent of parents report their children spend three or more hours per day in front of the screen. And the disconcerting part is that the long-term effects of this screen time are not yet known. If your eyesight has suffered because you spend the bulk of your day in front of a computer or other electronic device, you can imagine the same effect on your child. This is just one more reason to get your child a comprehensive back-to-school eye exam.

Set Up for Success

Just as you’d never send your child to school without his or her supplies, lunch and proper attire, it’s important not to send them back with possible vision issues. As any child knows, a new school year is exciting, but can be a bit stressful. As your child seeks to make new friends, try out new hobbies, learn fascinating new information and excel academically, make sure he or she is as equipped for success as you can make him or her: That means making sure their vision is up to the challenge!

What’s on your back-to-school to-do list?

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