Common Eye Injuries and How to Respond

Eye injuries can occur anywhere. They can sometimes be unpredictable and affect your vision if untreated. Here is more information on the common eye injuries that affect people and how you should respond to them.


Puncture or Cut Wound on the Eye or Eyelid

Seek immediate medical help if you get a puncture or cut wound on your eye or eyelid. However, it is essential to do first aid treatment for proper support and safety. Do not wash your lid or eye. Do not remove any object embedded in your eye to avoid further damage.

Use an eye shield to cover your affected eye. You can use a paper cup if you have no eye shield. After doing so, seek immediate medical care.


Corneal Abrasion

The cornea is the transparent front part of your eyeball. It can easily get scratched by a foreign object, contact lens, or fingernail. An abrasion or scratch on your cornea can lead to pain, light sensitivity, and a watery eye. See your eye care provider if you think you have a corneal abrasion.


Foreign Object 

Tearing helps clear the eye of debris. Thus, you may not need treatment until you fail to remove the foreign object. Avoid rubbing your eyes. You can lift your upper eyelid over the lower one.

After doing so, try to roll your eyes around. Use water to flush out your eyes. Keep them open as you do the flushing. Do it continuously until the object is gone. Visit your eye doctor at Advanced Vision Institute to ensure the debris clears and that your eye surface has no scratches or damage. 


Bleeding in the Eye

Bleeding can occur in your eye in two different ways. Trauma to your eye can cause surface hemorrhage. You could also get a subconjunctival hemorrhage below your eye surface. Contact your eye doctor immediately if you notice blood in your eye.


Eye Socket Fracture

You can get an eye socket fracture when the bone supporting your eye receives a blunt blow. The tissues and muscles that support and surround the affected eye could also stretch or tear. Contact your eye doctor immediately if a blunt force strikes your eye.


Black Eye

Most people have seen a black eye. It is among the most common eye injuries. Trauma or a blow to the eye can result in swelling and bruising of the eye and surrounding tissues. You can experience pain and vision loss if the injury is very severe. Your eyelid could also get a cut.

Allow your eye care provider to examine your black eye even if you do not think it is a severe injury. Doing so will help ensure you do not develop complications later.


Chemical Burns

Chemicals in your workplace or home can splash easily into your eyes. Wear safety glasses as you handle abrasive or toxic chemicals. Be cautious when using household cleaners to keep your eyes safe.

Accidents can happen. However, you should always know what to do when you get a chemical burn. Keep calm and try not to close the affected eye. Flush your eye with water for about 20 minutes. After doing so, seek immediate medical care.

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