Corneal Refractive Therapy for 20/20 Vision

If you have a refractive error, your eye doctor can recommend different treatment options, ranging from corrective lenses to surgery. Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is a non-surgical treatment that helps correct vision without wearing eyeglasses or contacts.

The safe and effective treatment ensures that you enjoy perfect vision all day without the inconvenience of lenses. Learn more about corneal refractive therapy for 20/20 vision. 


Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

CRT involves using specially designed retainers (contacts) that help reshape the cornea gradually and gently. The process helps reduce or eliminate myopia or astigmatism. The retainers are only worn at night.

They are removed upon awakening, providing clear vision all day without eyeglasses or contact lenses. The retainers are easy to care for, and most patients find them comfortable.


CRT Procedure

The CRT procedure begins with a comprehensive eye exam at Advanced Vision Institute. The doctor uses a corneal topographer to get a precise map of the shape of your cornea. The information is fed into computer software before you are fitted with a diagnostic retainer. If you are a good candidate for the therapy, the doctor will order vision retainers for you.

It usually takes several days for the retainers to be created and delivered. You will receive instructions on how to wear and care for the retainers. If they fit correctly, you can begin using them the first night.


Reasons to Choose CRT 

There are reasons why people choose CRT, including:


  • They leave people free of eyeglasses or contacts during waking hours

  • They are ideal for people who live an active lifestyle that can make it inconvenient to wear eyeglasses

  • The retainers offer relief for people who find contact lens wear uncomfortable due to dry eyes and other conditions

  • CRT is more affordable than laser vision correction and does not have the risks associated with surgery

  • The procedure is simple, effective, and noninvasive. Both eyes can be treated together, and it is reversible


Good Candidates for CRT 

CRT is not suitable for everyone. The procedure is ideal for individuals with mild to moderate myopia or astigmatism. Children diagnosed with myopia are good candidates for treatment that can help prevent the worsening of the condition. Severe cases may experience some improvements, but they also need other vision correction treatments. People with certain cornea shapes, or rigid corneas, may not qualify for the treatment. There is no age limit for refractive therapy. An eye exam will help determine whether you are a good candidate for CRT.


Results of CRT 

Results of CRT vary from one individual to the next, but most people experience improvements after one night. Visual changes happen rapidly during the initial days. Those with less myopia respond faster than those with high myopia. The success of the treatment is also dependent on factors like reduced wear time or failure to wear the retainers as instructed. As the cornea changes and vision improves, new retainers may be refitted if necessary. 

Thanks to advanced technology and new materials, CRT is an effective treatment for people who need vision correction. Follow-up appointments are vital to ensure that you enjoy 20/20 vision. With time, you can wear the retainers less often or every other night.

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