How Does MiBoFlow Help Dry Eyes?

Anyone who suffers from dry eye disease knows how uncomfortable the condition can be. People who suffer from dry eyes experience symptoms ranging from blurry and red eyes to pain and itchiness. 

Several ways to treat dry eyes include medication, artificial tears, and punctal plugs. MiBo Thermoflo is a new and innovative treatment that helps relieve dry eyes. Also called MiBoFlow, the treatment is proving to be very effective for people with dry eyes.


MiBo Medical Systems

MiBo medical systems are created to treat dry eyes. MiBoFlow works by providing a constant temperature in the eyes. Applying heat against the external eyelid surface helps remove obstruction in the meibomian glands. A thermoelectric heat pump applies the heat, dissolving the contents of the glands. 

Dissolving the obstruction can improve eye function. The machine has dual pads that help in the transference of heat into the eyes. An ultrasound gel is applied on the eyelids, distributing warmth uniformly to the meibomian glands. 


The MiBoFlow Treatment Process

MiBoFlow treatment can last between ten to 15 minutes. Patients suffering from a wide range of symptoms can benefit from the treatment. Experts recommend that patients go through three sessions at intervals of two weeks. The effect of the treatment can last for some time, depending on the patient’s symptoms. 

The treatment will need to be repeated every six months to one year for long-term benefits. MiBoFlow effectively improves the evaporative function associated with dry eyes. Patients are less likely to experience the symptoms after treatment. 


Why Dry Eye Syndrome Occurs

It is difficult to establish the reason why some people are more likely to suffer from dry eyes. Dry eye disease can affect people of all ages, but it is more common among individuals over 65. 

The condition also tends to affect women more than men, something that can be attributed to hormonal changes. The constant wearing of contact lenses can also cause dry eyes. Dry eyes can be due to pre-existing eye conditions and certain chronic illnesses. 


Effective Treatment Solution

Using eye drops can result in addiction to the medication, making the condition worse. Getting a proper diagnosis and seeking the best treatment will help you find a solution that works. MiBoFlow treatment will help deal with the condition effectively. 

Thermoflo therapy treats the malfunction in the meibomian gland, reducing the severity of the symptoms of dry eye. The treatment process can reveal the presence of bacteria in the glands.


Benefits of MiBoFlow Treatment

There are several benefits of MiBo treatment. The treatment is painless, and there is no need for downtime. MiBoFlow is effective, and it helps to relieve eyestrain. It is also relaxing and therapeutic. The treatment has no known side effects, with 98 percent of patients reporting satisfaction after treatment.    

You should visit a doctor to establish the cause of your dry eye condition. While using eye drops to moisturize the tear film can be helpful, it is not a long-term solution. Dry eyes can be due to an underlying health condition. It is important to get a proper diagnosis for your specific situation. 

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