Myopia Treatment Options: Which to Choose


Myopia is the most common cause of blurred, unfocused vision in the world. Also known as near or short-sightedness, it is characterized by being able to see things close to your eyes, such as a book or smartphone screen, fairly easily. However, things that are at a distance such as signs appear blurred and difficult if not impossible to read.


Refractive eye errors occur when there is a problem with the way that light passes through the eyes. The cornea, which is the clear, domed lens at the front of the eye, is responsible for refracting the light that enters the eye so that it hits a patch of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye called the retina. The retina turns the light into signals which are sent up the optic nerve to the brain, which tells us what we can see. The entire process takes a split second. However, when the light isn’t refracted fully onto the retina, it can cause our vision to be blurred. In the case of myopia, the light is focused too quickly, coming to a focal point in front of the retina rather than directly on it.


Myopia may be inconvenient, but fortunately, there is a range of treatment options that can correct your vision and enable you to see clearly at all times. Here’s what you need to know about the different treatment options for myopia.


Prescription Glasses


Glasses are the most common choice of patients looking to correct myopia, as well as any other refractive eye error. You can choose the frames that suit your style the best, and these will be loaded with prescription lenses that have been customized with the correct powers needed to improve your vision. There are multiple types of lenses available, and you can choose additional extras such as anti-glare coating, tints and more. Your optical team will be able to talk you through the options and advise you which is best for you. Glasses are a good choice for patients whose myopia is developing and who may need different prescription lenses every 6-12 months to reflect this, and the frames can be kept and just the lenses replaced.


Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are a popular alternative to regular glasses. Unlike prescription lenses in glasses, your contacts will sit directly on your eyes. Many people find that this makes them more convenient, particularly since they don’t need to miss out on activities such as contact sports and swimming which are impossible to take part in whilst wearing glasses. However, contact lenses aren’t suitable for everyone, including those with an abnormally shaped cornea or those who have allergies that affect their eyes.


Laser Vision Correction


Laser vision correction offers patients a way to permanently alter their vision. The process involves using laser technology to reshape the cornea so that light is refracted correctly. As you would expect, it comes with a considerable cost attached to it. However, most patients who opt for laser vision correction find that they have little to no reliance on prescription eyewear afterward, and this can offer them a cost-saving. Laser vision correction is irreversible and only recommended for patients with stable vision.




Orthokeratology is one of the newest treatment options for myopia and refers to the use of specially designed contact lenses that are worn overnight and reshape the cornea whilst you sleep. When the lenses are removed in the morning, the cornea maintains its shape for a number of hours during the day, meaning that patients aren’t reliant on glasses or contact lenses. Orthokeratology is completely reversible, meaning that when you stop treatment, your vision will return to how it was before. Orthokeratology can be used by patients of all ages, even children.


Orthokeratology is also being used as a treatment for myopia control, particularly amongst children. This is important since controlling myopia at a young age can help to prevent further problems that can develop as a result of childhood myopia. 



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