Signs You Might Need Prescription Eyeglasses

Did you know that more than four billion people in the world wear eyeglasses? This is an astonishing statistic. According to the Vision Council of America, among 75 percent of adults who use some form of vision correcting device, about 64 percent of them use prescription eyeglasses. That is about six out of 10 people in the developed world.



Prescription eyeglasses can help you see well. However, many people do not realize that they need them. Even if you had good vision before, you need to understand that people’s eyes change over time. Over 150 million people in the U.S. use corrective eyewear. If you are not sure whether you need prescription eyeglasses, you should visit your eye doctor for a thorough examination.


Do You Need Prescription Eyeglasses?

As stated above, your vision will change over time as you age. However, not all vision changes are abnormal. Issues such as having trouble differentiating blue and black or needing more light to see things clearly are normal. They do not require prescription eyeglasses. When certain changes in your vision are abnormal, however, you may need to get prescription glasses.

Some of the signs you might need prescription eyeglasses include:


You Discover That You Need to Squint Often

If you find that you squint a lot, you should consider visiting an eye doctor. Often, many people have blurry vision, but they do not realize that it is because they always saw that way. If distant or near things seem blurry, you should visit your eye doctor for a thorough exam.

Finding it difficult to see things that are close and/or near to you is a pretty good sign that you might need prescription glasses or contact lenses. You should not find it difficult to read the menu board at a restaurant or street signs as you drive. Also, you should not struggle with reading a book or checking your cell phone.


You Have Watery Eyes

This is another sign that you might need prescription eyeglasses. That said, it could also be a symptom of other health problems like thyroid disorder or allergies. If your eyes tend to water often, therefore, you might want to visit your eye doctor.


Your Eyes Feel Tired After Spending Time in Front of a Screen

If your eyes feel strained or tired after spending a lot of time looking at the television, computer, or smartphone, you might benefit from an eye exam. Your eye doctor will tell you whether you need prescription eyeglasses.


You Often Get Headaches

Do you often experience headaches? If you do, that too could be a subtle sign that your eyesight is not as good as it should be. This is especially so if you notice a pattern in how often you experience them and if you discover that you usually experience them after staring at digital screens for a long time or if you get them midday.

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