Treatment Options for Dry, Red, Irritated Eyelids

At Advanced Vision Institute, we are no stranger to issues that are associated with your eyes. One of the most common issues that our patients often suffer for months or years before coming in with is dry, red, and irritated eyelids. Patients often feel that this is a mere irritation or just a skin condition that they can deal with themselves.


Many patients also feel that they can figure out the issue on their own, or that because it is associated with an eyelid, that our staff might not know how to help. Advanced Vision Institute is equipped with the best tools available in the industry and knowledgeable staff who can help diagnose and treat a wide variety of eye conditions, including dry, red, and irritated eyelids.


What is Causing My Irritated Eyelids? 


While there are a number of different issues that can be associated with irritated eyelids, one of the most common causes is contact dermatitis, which can be caused by the use of topical medications. This is why it is essential to bring a full list of your medications to the Advanced Vision Institute for your appointment so we can evaluate the potential cause.


Understanding the Eyelid


Your eyelid is made up of a thin layer of skin or epidermis. Although this layer of skin is rather thin, it has a high makeup of fat and is very vascular. This means that the skin of the eyelid can become irritated far more easily than other parts of your body. Your eyelids are especially vulnerable to nail enamel and can be impacted by shampoo residue that may be accidentally deposited from your fingers.


Who is Affected? 


Eyelid dermatitis can happen to any person, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age. However, women are far more likely to suffer from eye infections. Many researchers suggest that this is due to the makeup women wear on their eyes which can irritate the eyelid.


Cosmetics are linked to almost 1/3 of the contact dermatitis cases. This may also be because cosmetics often contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in many people. One specific ingredient to watch for is CAPB or Cocamidopropyl betaine. Eliminating any products that contain this ingredient may help.




Unfortunately, many patients go with undiagnosed contact dermatitis for as long as seven years! Don’t let yourself suffer from irritated eyelids for any longer than necessary and contact Advanced Vision Institute today. To diagnose your condition, we will conduct a thorough examination with a specific emphasis on identifying the underlying cause. This means that we will pay close attention to your family and medical histories to see if there are any likely allergens that you may have been exposed to.


In addition, our physical exam can often help to uncover how an allergen is getting into your eyes. If we cannot rule out the culprit during your appointment, we may refer you to a dermatologist for patch testing.


Patch testing looks at a variety of different potential allergens and tests your skin’s reaction to them. This simple test can give us all the tools to work with to find a solution.




Treating contact dermatitis can be done in a variety of ways. The first step that we will take is to help you eliminate the source of your irritation. This may be recommending using a different brand of makeup or removing a particular product from your home.


Additionally, there are a variety of medications that can be used to help eliminate any skin conditions that may have arisen. However, it is important to not try medications around your eyes without direct instruction since many can harm your vision.




If you have been suffering from any issues surrounding your eyes, contact Advanced Vision Institute today. Our talented staff has the experience you need to feel better today!


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