Treatments at the RevitalEyes Spa

Do you think that your eyes are showing aging too much? Would you like them to look more youthful? Then you may benefit from the treatments at our RevitalEyes Spa.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, and youthful eyes always look so much brighter. At a certain age, your eyes begin to lose their youthful elasticity and start to sag. It comes from years of wear, but you do not have to be a victim to this. You can get treatments that rejuvenate your eyes to their youthful vigor. 


Summerlin eye treatments at RevitalEyes are non-surgical treatments that help tighten and smoothen your skin. The treatments utilize laser technology that helps stimulate collagen growth under the skin. It repairs the skin, leaving it smoother, tighter, and looking younger.


Eye Rejuvenation


Your eyes can suffer from dry eyes, the buildup of bacteria, and allergies, which all affect how you see. You can get treatments to help you restore your eyes to near-perfect conditions.


Eyelid Exfoliation


Eyelid exfoliation can eliminate the bacteria that builds up on your eyelids, which can lead to blepharitis. Blepharitis is a bacterial infection and a leading cause of dry eye for most adults. It causes inflammation of the eyelids, itching, redness, and stinging.


Allergy Eye Treatment

Allergies can hurt your eye health, which will impact your quality of life. Treating your eye allergy will help you see better and live better.


Eye Tension Therapy

This is a treatment for you if you spend countless hours straining your eyes in front of a computer. You may suffer from tension headaches, which wreck your productivity. You can get a treatment that reduces headaches and discomfort from eyestrain.


Eyelid Tightening

Rejuvenation of the eye mainly lies in lifting the eyebrows, which makes the eyes look younger. There are several non-surgical treatments that you can opt for to attain that eyebrow lift.


Laser Treatment

Laser treatment uses a combination of non-ablative lasers to rejuvenate the skin. It combines with minimal ablative skin procedures to eliminate the wrinkles on your skin. The stimulation and remodeling of the skin results in tighter, more youthful skin in the eye region. The collagen that grows under the skin ensures that the effects last longer. 


Reports state that laser therapy can reduce eye bags and dark circles, rejuvenate the skin around the eyelids, and correct sagging eyelids. The procedure is about an hour and is relatively painless. You will see the results immediately, and they will keep improving in the coming weeks.




Summerlin Eyelash Curling

The Summerlin eyelash curling treatment makes your eyelashes curl more naturally and longer than a lash curler. The treatment results last up to six weeks, but the treatment process itself lasts only thirty minutes. You can choose between several ranges of curls depending on your preference. 


Natural Lash Growth Stimulation

You can have a special treatment that will stimulate the growth of your eyelashes. The treatment is called Latisse®, an FDA-approved medication to increase the fullness of eyelashes. It applies to the margin of the eyelid, and results show in three to four months. You will have thicker and darker eyelashes that frame your eyes perfectly. It works even if you have a problem growing lashes or experiencing eyelash loss.


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