What are Scleral and Hybrid Contact Lenses?


At Advanced Vision Institute, a number of our patients have been told that contacts are not a good fit for them. We pride ourselves in offering our patients the greatest technology and products. That is why we use scleral and hybrid contact lenses. This lens type can be a great option for patients who do not have an eye shape that will accommodate standard contact lenses.


Understanding Scleral and Hybrid Lenses


Scleral contact lenses are rigid, gas permeable contact lenses that are significantly larger than a standard contact lens. They are designed so that the edges of the lens rest on the sclera or the white portion of your eye. The middle part of the contact then vaults over the front of your eye to allow the proper corrective angle for your eye. This allows patients who could not wear standard lenses a chance to get the clear vision they deserve without having to wear eyeglasses.


Hybrid lenses are similar in size to the scleral contact lens, but they utilize a gas permeable center of the contact with a soft contact “skirt.” Because the edge of the contact is made with a soft contact material, it can significantly improve the comfort of the lens for the patient.


Who Should Consider These Lens Types


Both scleral and hybrid contact lenses are considered alternative lenses for the traditional soft contact or gas permeable lens. This means that if you can safely and comfortably wear a traditional lens type, then you may not want to consider scleral or hybrid lenses. However, if you have been told that your eye shape is not ideal for the traditional lens, you should ask about other options.


In addition to irregularly shaped eyes, there are certain conditions that may help you identify your ability to wear these contacts.


  • Regular corneal astigmatism

  • Patients who have issues with lens rotation or shifting in the eye

  • Patients who use soft multifocal contacts but are looking for better vision

  • Patients with irregular corneas that want to wear contact lenses

  • Patients who have presbyopia and astigmatism


While it is a good idea to know if you want to try scleral or hybrid lenses, the only way to know if you are a good candidate is to meet with a professional. At Advanced Vision Institute, we offer our patients comprehensive exams that can help identify the best options for your current and future vision needs.


Special Considerations


Many patients find that hybrid or scleral contact lenses can fit their needs perfectly. However, due to the specific nature of these contact lenses, it is important to find a provider who is well-versed with this type of lens. There are certain eye conditions that can be negatively affected by using these lenses, so ensuring that you have a great initial fit and that you attend your eye exams regularly can help improve the long-term success of these lenses.


Additionally, while these lenses are typically more expensive than standard lenses, they can be a great value over time when compared with multifocal lenses, or with the cost of frames and lenses for eyeglasses.


Scleral and hybrid contact lenses have been a great option for many of our patients to use who no longer want to wear eyeglasses for their vision needs and cannot wear traditional contact lenses.




If you have been told that you cannot wear standard soft or gas permeable contact lenses, then you should call Advanced Vision Institute in Las Vegas, NV today. Our professional and knowledgeable staff can help you determine if scleral or hybrid contact lenses are an option for you. We believe that you deserve the best products available on the market today!


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