What Skin Conditions Can IPL Treat?

The American Academy of Dermatology states that intense pulsed light (IPL) is one of the newest treatments for skin conditions such as age spots and acne scars. This skin therapy is gaining popularity because of its effectiveness in rejuvenating the skin. Understanding the skin conditions that IPL can treat will help you decide if this is the treatment for you. Here are the details.



Many people suffer from this chronic skin condition. Most of them are unaware of their skin condition. Rosacea can appear on the neck, chest, and face. IPL can emit wavelengths that relieve symptoms like uneven skin tone and inflammation. The skin’s improvement may be slow, but it lasts for a long time.


Leg Veins

Leg veins are common to many individuals. You can get IPL therapy to improve your leg’s appearance and relieve your discomfort. This therapy uses coagulation to collapse the target vein. This does not damage the nearby soft tissues that much.


Acne Scars

If you have experienced severe cystic acne before, you may still have deep acne scars until now. These scars can lighten through the treatment’s non-ablative laser. It has a narrow set of wavelengths that target and heat the areas with acne scars. This is how IPL decreases the visibility of these scars. You can then enjoy clearer skin and more confidence.

Treating acne scars with IPL does not have any downtime. You can cover up the slight redness from the treatment with some makeup. This will allow you to return to your regular daily activities after your treatment session. The non-ablative lasers in this treatment will not touch the skin’s outer layer. Instead, it will penetrate your skin, resulting in a more enhanced look.



This skin issue is often triggered by sun exposure. Aging and congenital factors contribute to pigmentation. A hyper-melanocytic area of your skin appears. This lesion can vary in size and shape. It can be flat or raised. IPL can target and clear melanin, which forms this type of benign lesion.



Collagen provides your skin with strength, elasticity, and structure. But this protein’s production slows down as you age. That is why you experience sagging skin and wrinkles. IPL can smoothen skin by stimulating collagen production. This can enhance your skin’s elasticity and eliminate wrinkles. IPL causes controlled skin damage, which encourages the skin to heal itself. It tells your body to make more collagen. This response then gives you firmer and tighter skin.



This skin issue results from clogged pores, bacteria, and the overproduction of oil. It can cause skin blemishes, such as pimples and blackheads. Acne can affect your appearance and mental health. That is why it is important to get effective treatment for it. IPL can reduce the appearance of acne by killing the bacteria that cause inflammation and breakouts.

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