When Should Cataracts Be Treated?

Do you have cataracts? Are you wondering at what stage to have them removed? Just because you have cataracts does not mean that you need to rush to have cataract surgery. In some cases, people can wait a few years to undergo surgery. Some people do not even need surgery at all.

Cataracts tend to develop quite slowly and do not cause pain. But they can harm your vision, which can affect your life in many ways. Also, advanced cataracts can be very difficult to treat. This can make it hard for people to know when to get treatment.

If you are pondering when to get cataract surgery, you need to consult your eye doctor. You do not want to make a decision based on what your colleagues or friends say. Your eye doctor will consider various factors and make a recommendation based on what is best for you.


Factors to Consider


Quality of Life

Cataracts can disrupt your daily routine. For example, blurry vision can make it difficult or prevent you from engaging in activities you enjoy. These include playing certain sports, reading, watching television, and more.

You may also experience difficulties with simple daily tasks such as cooking, buying groceries, and driving. You may end up relying on other people to get around. These issues can affect your quality of life. If cataracts are taking a toll on your quality of life, it is time to consider cataract surgery.


Level of Vision Loss

Eye doctors do not have to wait for the symptoms of cataracts to worsen before providing treatment. Magnifying lenses, brighter lights, and prescription eyeglasses can help ease the symptoms. But when the level of vision loss is advanced, it may be time to think about cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery can help people with this condition see more clearly. Eye doctors can also correct other eye problems during the procedure. These include astigmatism, myopia, and farsightedness. According to some studies, about 90 percent of people get better eyesight after cataract surgery than they did even before they developed cataracts.



Cataracts can make the process of driving very dangerous. You will find it difficult to read road signs, not to mention the effect of glare from streetlamps and headlights. Also, people with advanced cataracts can easily suffer injuries from falling or bumping into things.


Eye Health

Left untreated, cataracts can lead to eye inflammation, aside from increased pressure inside your eye. This can lead to serious eye conditions, such as glaucoma. To prevent such complications, you may need to get cataract surgery even if your eyesight is clear.


Bottom Line

The only way to determine the best time to get cataract surgery is to have an eye doctor track your progress. Cataract surgery does not usually take more than one hour, and it is painless. You can even stay awake during the procedure. In most cases, patients do not need to remain in the hospital overnight. The procedure has a short recovery period, which means that you may return to your daily routine 24 hours after surgery.

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