Why Contact Lens Exams Are Not the Same as Routine Eye Exams

Eye experts usually encounter patients who decline a contact lens exam because they just concluded their routine eye exam. According to the National Eye Institute, a contact lens exam is different from a routine eye exam because it ensures that the lenses fit correctly on both eyes. Contact lenses fit your eyes ensuring that your eyes are safe and healthy while wearing them. If you want to understand why contact lens exams are not the same as routine eye exams, here’s what you should know.

Have Basic Tests

Your eye specialist needs to conduct tests during your contact lens exam. The goal of these tests is to evaluate your eyesight with contact lenses. The initial test is to figure out the type and size of contacts that best suit you. After this, your eye doctor may conduct a tear film test to see if you have ample tears that can help make contact lens wearing comfortable for you.

Provide a Different Prescription

The tests will help your eye doctor to provide you with the right contact lens prescription that fits your eyes adequately. Prescription contact lenses are different from your prescription eyeglasses because you place your contact lenses on the surface of your eyes. Prescription eyeglasses sit about 12 millimeters away from your eyes.

Before your eye doctor completes the prescription for your contact lens, you should decide if you want extended wear or disposable contact lenses. You can also choose whether you prefer clear or colored contact lenses.

Subject You to a Trial Stage

You will need to see your eye doctor for a fitting of your trial contact lenses. You need to wear them for about three days. These contacts are usually readily available at your eye doctor’s clinic. If you need specialty lenses, you will have to come back at another time because your eye specialist would have to order them first.

Confirm the Lenses

During this time, your eye doctor will apply your new trial contact lenses and keep them in there for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, your eye doctor will evaluate the tearing and movement in your eyes. If your trial contact lenses fit your eyes well, then your eye doctor will order your new contact lenses. When you receive your new contacts, your eye care provider will also give you a set of instructions on how to use and maintain your new contact lenses.

Require a Follow Up

Your eye specialist needs to see you again for a follow-up checkup after your trial fitting. By then, your eye doctor will check if you have any discomfort, irritation, or any other issue. If you have any problem before your follow-up exam, see your eye doctor immediately.

Contact lens exams are more detailed and meticulous than routine eye exams. The results will determine the contact lenses that fit your eyes properly. At Advanced Vision Institute, we can guide you through a comprehensive contact lens exam to get the right lenses for your vision needs. You are welcome to visit our clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a one-on-one consultation. Please call us at 702-819-9800 if you want to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our contact lens exams.

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