LASIK Surgery Improvements

LASIK eye surgery has evolved over the years into one of the quickest, most reliable and least intrusive types of vision correction available. Current LASIK procedures take only seconds per eye and can restore vision to 20/20 and sometimes even better.

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For people who have grown accustomed to wearing glasses, placing contacts in their eyes and living with the general burden of poor eyesight, the freedom brought on by a successful LASIK procedure that removes the burden of glasses and contacts and restores perfect vision.

For the relatively nominal cost of the procedure compared to a potential lifetime of eye care costs for glasses and contacts, LASIK is one of the best values for treating vision impairment.

Laser Eye Surgery Defeats Astigmatism


LASIK primarily is used to cure astigmatism in patients. Astigmatism basically is an eye that is slightly oval instead of round, which causes the focal point to be off slightly.

Even the slightest change in focal point can make vision blurry and require the use of corrective lenses for up to a lifetime.

When a doctor uses a laser on an eye with astigmatism, he or she simply removes enough corneal tissue to move the focal point to its proper position, giving the patient perfect eyesight in the process.

Those who do not have enough corneal tissue in their eyes are not candidates for LASIK surgery.

Eyes Still Weaken Over Time

After having LASIK done and with eyesight restored to 20/20, the odds are high that the eyesight will weaken over time and begin to blur once again.

The eye muscles, like other muscles in the body, lose strength as the aging process takes hold, and that means eyesight almost always will get worse as people become senior citizens. But in most cases, those who have had LASIK can have it done again to restore their eyesight to perfect 20/20 vision.

So long as enough corneal tissue is available to work with, the lasers that restore focal points can do its job.

How many people do you know who have had LASIK surgery, and are they happy with the results?

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